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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Miracles Happen!


A myxoma is a benign tumor found in the heart. It usually appears in the left atrium of the heart. A small percentage of these are found in the right. This condition is found in about 1 in a million persons. I must admit that I knew nothing about any of these two months ago. It is an amazing how one can become interested in things so quickly.   Now let me tell you what else I have learned.

God can remove myxomas. The cardiac MRI and the echocardiogram had given us the description, size, and placement of the tumor.   But when the surgeon went to remove the myxoma—it was gone. Even the walls of the atrium showed no evidence of its presence. The surgeon searched the entire heart. Nothing. The scans, tests, x-rays continue to show no evidence of the tumor’s presence. While we prepared for the surgery—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—the Great Physician had quietly been at work. 

My wife, Mandy and I, are giving God all the praise and glory that we can. It is an overwhelming experience. We both have believed and have seen the miracle of God’s healing in our ministry. But to experience it in a personal way is simply indescribable.  When the surgeon came to give us the report, the room was completely silent.  We were all in awe of God's presence.

The only thing you can do is live into the miracle of God’s grace. Someone asked who had the inside track. There is no way to know. Prayers were offered all over the world—Israel, Louisiana, Cambodia—by friends and relatives. The morning of the surgery, I stood in a circle with two of my children, my wife, the surgeon and nurse to pray. Through my tears, I asked for God’s healing for my wife. I asked for God’s presence to be with the surgeon and his team. I asked for God’s peace to be with my family.

And God gave the presence and the gift of healing. The only response to such a give is to stand in awe and say, “thank you thank you Jesus!” We do not understand but simply receive.

I think that is what many experienced with Jesus of Nazareth. They did not understand the how or sometimes even the why. They simply could testify to the reality. “I once was blind, but now I see.”

Pray today for those who need the healing presence of God. Give thanks for the gifts of God’s grace that simply come.

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